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Rules & How to Play Habbo Football.
1.How To Take A Kick-Off
- Kick OR Trap the ball (in any direction)

- Dribble with the ball
- Players must stay in their own half until the ball released/kicked, NOT when the player stands on the ball.

2. How To Take A Penalty
- Must take a run-up
- Cannot dummy infront of ball
- You must shoot as soon as you reach the ball (no delay)
- If the player stands on the ball (GK blocks), it is a corner (no rebound).

3. How To Take A Throw-In
- Ball must be placed where it went out-of-play.
- You can Kick or Trap the ball
- You cannot dribble with the ball.
- You can't score from a throw.
- Opposition must be 2sq's back.

4. How To Take A Freekick
A Freekick Is Caused By:
- DCing the ball
- Foul Throw/Kickoff
- Goalkeeper is blocked by 3 opposition players on his goaline.
- If 4 players cross halfway line

How To Take A Freekick:
- You can Kick or Trap the ball
- You cannot dribble

5. How To Take A Corner
How Are Corners Caused:
- Opposition kicks/deflects the ball out behind the goal

How To Take A Corner:
- You can Kick or Trap the ball
- You cannot dribble.
- Opposition must be 3 sq's back

6. How To Take A Goalkick
How Are Goalkicks Caused:
- When the ball is kicked by the opposition behind the net.

How To Take A Goalkick:
- Goalkeeper kicks it
- You cannot dribble
- Opposition must be behind halfway line until ball is kicked

7. Consequences of Double Clicking
- DC Outside Peno Area = 3kik
- DC Inside Peno Area = Peno
- First DC = Warning
- Second DC = Yellow Card
- Third DC = Red & 1 Match Ban
- DCing To Stop A Goalscoring Opportunity = Automatic Red

Sometimes ref's may be lenient if they feel the DC isn't worth a card.

8. The Rules of [Non-DC]
- 4v4 or 4v3 If Player Is Red Carded Or Logged Offline
- 9 Players Per Team
- Glitch = Goal
- Goalkeepers Must Stay In Their Own Half
- LA (Last Attack) = When Ball Is Cleared From Danger
- Timewasting = Yellow -> Red


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