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About HIFA

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 15, 2015 2:35 pm

About HIFA:
Habbo International Football Association.
HIFA is a World-Wide association.
HIFA hosts a series of events for the Habbo Football Community, all tournaments in the world is hosted by HIFA.
HIFA was founded by Hotsportsguy22 or as you may know him as Chad (Owned HEFA in 2013 then quit HEFA)
HIFA is a new orginization made out of the core of HEFA. We wanted a fresh start. The HEFA reputation was ruined by some and the lack of orginisation in HEFA events and staff under the new managment was not very good.
And now the HIFA Director , CEO , and Presidents wanted to make a much more orginised , friendlier , and professional orginisation for the Habbo football Community.
HIFA Staff thanks everyone in or was in the Habbo Football Community.
We hope to see you soon in our events.


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